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St. Martin's Press
isbn: 0-312-11336-6

Sister's Keeper

The return of P.I. Sydney Sloane, in the Lambda Literary Award-nominated sequel to the much praised Brotherly Love.

On the night that Sydney Sloane and her sister, Nora, attend a star-studded celebrity affair as the guests of their childhood friend Zoe Freeman, Zoe is killed in an accident.

Things begin to look more complicated when Zoe's apartment is trashed but nothing is stolen, and Sydney discovers a set of documents bearing Zoe's picture, but a different name. Confused by the signs of a double life led by someone she thought she knew so well, Sydney begins to look into the death of Zoe Freeman.

Quickly she uncovers a number of clues an abusive ex-husband who is now missing, a secret bank account and large, unexplained transactions, a vindictive catering rival but nothing quite jells. Then Zoe's best friend is bizarrely murdered and Sydney's own life is threatened time is running out for everyone involved.



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