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My house is filled with books…most of which I have read, some I've forgotten I read and still there are others I have yet to read which call out to me from the shelves but have to wait their turn. I often hear how e-books are going to be the thing of the future, but I hope not. That would mean that generations to come would miss the tactile part of reading that rounds out the whole experience. I may be old fashioned, but I like the history of the books I have read. I've been on the 104 Bus in Manhattan with Peter Mayle, flown across the country with Pär Lagerkvist, taken a bath with Philip Pullman and slept with Charles Dickens. I know the peanut butter smudge on page 159 in Edith Wharton's Mythology happened when I was researching a project on constellations and that more often than not forgotten bookmarks are trails of my past, whether mislaid receipts, postcards, or photos.

Since sharing is a two way street, I would like to open the room to you in all ways. If you have books you'd like to recommend, let me know and as soon as I do updates I'll be happy to add them to the room and of course let everyone know who has recommended what.

So, come on in. You need FLASH to view the room (kind of like the 3-D glasses to see the movie HOUSE OF WAX), but it's worth it. Really.


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