Mother May I book jacket

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isbn: 0-380-79166-8

Mother May I

"Deftly plotted and written ... Author Lordon captures New York with a sure and convincing touch that adds atmosphere and interest. Private investigator Sydney Sloane is a real character, moving among real people in a real city. This one you'll enjoy!"

-- John Lutz, author of THE EX

You'll ask more than "Mother May I" when you read this book. In fact it's a mother of a book!"

-- Rita Mae Brown

Dr. Michael Callahan stands accused of his wife's murder by insulin injection. Without an alibi, and as a diabetic, he's the #1 suspect in the case. Private Investigator Syndey Sloane is hired by the murdered woman's elderly grandmother to clear the good Doctor of the charges. But he resists any help. This highspeed adventure takes Sydney from New York City to The Hamptons and back, in search of the wayward doctor and his secrets. All the while, she's never quite sure if she's trailing the murderer or if the real one is still on the loose. In the end, she's ultimately forced to confront her own mortality as never before.



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