Brotherly Love Book Jacket

St. Martin's Press
isbn: 0-312-09254-7

Shamus nominee for best first novel.

Private investigator Sydney Sloane had always had a troubled relationship with her brother. Even before David's long list of fraud, theft and con jobs forced him to flee the country, they had never quite managed to get a long. When he was reported killed in an explosion more than a decade ago, Sydney was never sure that this wasn't simple another one of his con games.

Now, staring up at her from the newspaper, is a photo of one Noah Alexander, a recently escaped prisoner accused of brutally murdering two innocent people. A photo that bears an uncanny resemblance to Sydney's long-dead brother, David.

Needing to learn the truth about her estranged brother's death and life she begins to investigate and finds herself in the middle of a tangled web of deceit, treachery, and revenge.



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